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How reasonable arrangements for the foundation and concrete mixers everyday atte(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2013-09-12
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Some users may feel the foundations of concrete mixing station is not the more the better, in fact, according to the actual situation of the foundation to do, be sure to follow the manufacturer's requirements to ensure the safety of the foundation. Size and depth should follow the requirements of the drawings, the concrete strength should meet the requirements of foundation depth is not required, as long as the base elevation and concrete mixing station can be consistent field floor.

What about foundation problems should also pay attention to what the details? First, according to the technical requirements actinomycetes concrete mixer, find a good reference point, two basic dimensions between error no larger than 50mm, foundation excavation, use steel or wood chunks reserve base centerline, on the same basis of two embedded iron centerline position in the same line, the deviation not greater than 20mm; mixing station laying foundations need reinforcing mesh, the final mixing station level must be based on the standard instrument and ultra flat cytometry.

Build a successful concrete mixing station is not easy, we need to consider factors very much, safety is a top priority for the industry, first in the construction of concrete mixing station construction objects, and should take full account the environmental impact of construction to ensure the smooth construction and quality of construction.

So first take a look at the concrete mixer in the production process some common problems encountered in how to deal with it, when the site needs a large amount of disposable casting, enough pieces of higher quality requirements, and no reinforcements near the mixing station, the best choice for both specifications smaller mixing station, concrete mixing station or choose a main one of the two aircraft preparation, pre-production installed base must be solid, the body must be perpendicular to the installation position and lightning storm to do the work done good Regular inspection and maintenance work. Zhengzhou Hui Machinery is a professional manufacturer of concrete mixing station reminded about the establishment of commodity concrete mixing station user, mixing station equipment in the preparation must be done before the completion of a comprehensive siting plan, select the best concrete mixing station manufacturers.