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Concrete mixer installation acceptance criteria for safe operation(Hits:) 
Origin Author Add Time2013-09-12
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Safe operation of the installation of concrete mixer acceptance criteria:

1, concrete mixer should be installed on a solid flat to aerodromes, with wooden frame or bracket securely, and maintain the level of support are not allowed to replace the tire. Remove the tire keep good erection protective shed rain or heat insulated console should be set up, with the creel stand or legs steady, roof materials to be anti-smashing.

2, concrete mixer should be installed on a solid pedestal. If long-term use, should be buried anchor bolts; if short-term use, the machine should be under the pillow and looking flat wooden stable.

3, the boot checked before transmission, clutch, brakes, guards, rope track, pulleys is good, the problem only after confirming that no boot stirred.

4, hopper elevators are forbidden to walk in the hopper, insurance-linked on the body, hopper hanging ears should be intact when the hopper pit to be raised or clean up, must be linked to good safety chain.

5, may not have corroded concrete mixer wire, broken wire, flattening and other scrap situation.

6, on the need to dig a pit located on the hopper of the mixer, the pit should be padded around the compacted material on the bottom surface of the track frame should also be compacted or tiled timber frame to support the rear of the application in order to prevent long working hours, the track deformation .

7, after the work drum rinse water should flow sedimentation tanks, and the canopy should be fortified concrete mixer, machinery around without mud, clean and tidy, all kinds of cards showing complete.

8, concrete mixer should be set to "a machine a gate-drain a box", leakage protection parameters 30M A × 0.1S, motor insulation resistance value should be greater than 0.5MΩ. Protection of the zero line of not less than two, console, instrument, indicating signal is accurate and reliable. Repair and clean-up drum paste complexes, you must cut off the power at the gates hanging box "DO NOT TURN ON" label, set up special care to avoid injury.